Online LASUG #3: Coveo Cloud, Advanced Item Buckets and Sitecore Commerce Product Sync

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1. Deep dive into Coveo for Sitecore Cloud Edition

Coveo is about to release the version 4.0 of our integration to Sitecore,. Among The major benefit of this version will be the ability to leverage Coveo Cloud indexing platform making it way simpler to deploy and manage. It will also leverage machine learning to automatically tune relevance based on visitors behaviours (RevealTM).

This session will show you how it works from a technical point of view. We are also looking for early adopters and feedback, so come join us to discuss this new version of the product.

This session will allow the Coveo for Sitecore Product-Manager, Nicolas Bordeleau to walk you thru these new search functionalities and various enhancements that Coveo is bringing with Coveo for Sitecore V4.


Simon Langevin, Solution Architect @ Coveo

Simon Langevin serves as Coveo’s Solution Architect for Coveo for Sitecore. He has previously led the Coveo for Sitecore Support team, and seen the solution used in a wide variety of contexts. He now ensures that partners and customers are using Coveo for Sitecore at its full potential.

Simon has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Computing from Laval University. He is a Sitecore Professional Developer since 2014 and part of the Coveo family since 2013. Simon is a music enthusiast with a love for guitar, which he often plays between meetings in Coveo’s Quebec City headquarters.

2. Buckets, Buckets Everywhere!

Everyone likes Sitecore Item Buckets, right?
Did you know you can customize many parts of the Item Buckets feature?
Mike, will give a quick tour of the Item Buckets feature, and also show how you can customize different parts of this major feature in Sitecore.


Michael Reynolds, a Sitecore MVP with almost nine years of Sitecore architecture and development experience, is an independent consultant with a proven track record of pushing the envelope of the Sitecore platform to deliver best-of-breed solutions for clients.

A well-known thought leader in the Sitecore community, Reynolds was recognized as a Sitecore Technology MVP in 2014, 2015 and 2016 for his community contributions.

3. Customizing Sitecore Commerce Connect Sync provider and Product base class

Brief Description: Sitecore Commerce Connect comes with a default synchronization provider that is used to sync products from ERP. Often, we need to check a lot of parameters (custom license, etc..) before actually kicking off the sync so that the sync is not kicked off when there is a definite failure ahead. This session will provide the basics of extending product sync provider and also tell what not to skip while extending the provider. Also depending on client’s need, there could be some attributes that are not supported OOTB by commerce connect product base class. This session will give an example of how to extend the product class to include new properties like “unit of measure”, “is Promotional”, etc..


Kautilya is a Senior Developer at XCentium. With 9+ years of experience in delivering web based applications, he has spent majority of his career focused on Microsoft Technologies, .Net framework.

He has experience with a wide array of Sitecore solutions. Kautilya has been the lead developer for the implementation/enhancements of Commerce Connect 8.x for Sitecore 8.x and Insite Commerce 4.x. Kautilya has been specifically keen on exploring Commerce Connect framework. He has integrated external commerce systems with Sitecore using Sitecore Commerce Connect framework 8.x for more than 2 clients this year itself.




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