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Sitecore 10 Content Editor Training Basics

If you are just starting to work with Sitecore – this training course is for you. Whether you are a content editor, marketing associate, or a developer – this course will lay down a a solid foundation foundation for your future Sitecore learning by covering the basics of content authoring tasks. The course will take you from knowing nothing about Sitecore to being able to speak about the concepts or content authoring, content structure and most common editing tasks comfortably at work or on online forums. You will be able to intelligently interact with the other members of the Sitecore community and feel confident about your knowledge of the platform. he tips and trick that we will cover in this course will set you apart from your coworkers.

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What makes this Sitecore training course different

There are a few great training courses on Sitecore content authoring out there, however, I find they lack certain level of detail and conceptual theory behind how Sitecore content is structured. Over the years of teaching my clients the basics of Sitecore, I learned that once students understand the foundation on which Sitecore is built, in other words – the concepts behind how web pages are put together in Sitecore, everything else becomes much more intuitive and students can easily figure out things on their own. In other words – this course provides a proper framework for understanding the fundamentals behind Sitecore content and content editing “mechanics”.

Here are a few other things that set this course apart:

  1. More detailed coverage of content authoring tools to give you insight into all out of the box editing tool functionality
  2. An integrated practice assignment for creating your first page with prepared copy and assets, personalizing, reviewing and publishing to solidify the theory presented in lectures
  3. A collection of tips and tricks that I have personally learned over the course of more than 11 years of working with Sitecore that will make you more efficient at working with the DXP
  4. Coverage of common issues that beginner content editors run into and ways to troubleshoot them so you don’t get stuck
  5. A look into the upcoming content authoring developments, features, and services so you can stay ahead of the curve.


Why you should take this editor training course

This Sitecore content editor course is more comprehensive than the other basic training courses, however, it covers just enough ground to set you up for success without being overwhelming. This course was created based on years of working with the platform and training clients with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets coming from various company sizes and industries.

My goal is to set you up for a successful career with Sitecore! So feel free to contact me personally even outside of Udemy with questions, as I take responsibility for each one of my students. I’ve worked with Sitecore for over eleven years (read my profile page) and have been an MVP for five years, there is very little that I haven’t seen in Sitecore implementations, and I’m here to hold your hand and work closely with you as you learn the ropes of Sitecore and become proficient in it. You chose a great platform to work with, so it is only fitting that your first Sitecore training course would match it in excellence!

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Using the Udemy platform

The course is created in the Udemy platform that is trusted and provides many useful tools for asking questions and collaborating with me and other students. Make sure to use the coupon link that’s in the header of this website to get your 2020 New Year discount bringing the cost down from $199.99 to $9.99. This is a temporary offer to celebrate the new decade, so even if you don’t have time now to go through the lectures, register in advance to take advantage of the discount.

Business Program on Udemy

If you find that your other coworkers would benefit from this course, Udemy offers business plans for teams of various sizes that will allow you and your company to save even more on this course. take a look at the Udemy business pricing plans, if interested.

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