Online LASUG #4: Coveo, Vimeo Connector and Mongo Data Provider

Vasiliy Fomichev

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1. Getting started with Coveo for Sitecore (3:30)

Willing to experiment Coveo for Sitecore? On this presentation, Diego will show you how easy it is to integrate Coveo for Sitecore with an existing Sitecore instance and have a functional search page working, integrated with the look and feel of your website with minimum effort.


Diego Moretto Diego is a senior Sitecore developer @Xcentium living in Florianopolis – Brazil. With over 12+ years of web development with the majority of them in .NET platform and the last 6 years fully dedicated to Sitecore development and is an active member on the Sitecore community.

2. Sitecore Media Framework: Vimeo Edition (54:00)

For a long time now, Sitecore has enabled the ability to integrate videos with some of the biggest names in the paid video platforms out there, such as Brightcove or Ooyala, and for good reason. Those platforms offer many advantages over the free versions. However, they are often expensive and an overkill for most websites who may only have a small collection of videos. These users often resort to YouTube or Vimeo and their respective standard embed options to show these videos in Sitecore. This fails to create a true integration between the platforms. I’m pleased to close that gap slightly by releasing the Vimeo Connector of the Sitecore Media Framework.


Amir Setoudeh Amir is a long-time Sitecore enthusiast and architect. He has been doing .NET development for nearly 17 years and Sitecore development for over 7 years. He became interested in Sitecore after a job he was seeking had listed it as a requirement. Not knowing much about it, he decided to pay his own way and get trained, where he was initially certified by Sitecore Royalty, Mr. John West. He hasn’t looked back since and is now working exclusively on Sitecore projects.

3. Sitecore Content MongoDB Data Provider (1:32:40)

Is it possible to run Sitecore without SQL server? The answer is YES!* In this session I will review the challenges involved in replacing Sitecore’s SQL Server data layer with MongoDB. Take the red pill and let me show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. The result is entertaining, educational and a little surprising. *** The bug in the conversion script has been fixed. Please contact me for access to the repository (make sure to send me your GitHub username)


Andrew Nevett Andrew is a technology enthusiast that likes to take things apart and put them back together, but offers no guarantee they will work when reassembled. He is a stickler for good software design and can regularly be found lurking in the CQRS, DDD and event-sourcing google groups.




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