Harness the Power of Containers: Docker with Sitecore SUGCON 2015 New Orleans

Vasiliy Fomichev

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If you haven’t had a chance to attend SUGCON 2015 in New Orleans, or missed my presentation, check out this presentation slideshow taking a look at Docker and Sitecore. The presentation introduces Docker and looks at how Docker can be used with Sitecore and how it will revolutionaize Sitecore development forever.


Here is the recording of the presentation. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of storage about 40 minutes into the presentation.



Here are some highlights from the Q&A:

  • What do I do if my IT is not willing to switch to using Docker?

Docker containers are not for everyone. Although it is the fastest growing technology nowadays, there are cases when it may not make sense to switch the entire infrastructure, for instance, cost – benefit ration may not be positive. Just make sure the negative feedback coming from IT is not out of pure laziness. If you found yourself in a situation where your organization is not willing to switch to using containers in their server environments, start off by using it locally.

  • Can we use Docker to deploy to QA only, and regulat deployments for UAT, STAGE…etc.?

Yes, of course. Developers can work in a container, which then gets deployed to QA. Then, since containers run essentially  stripped down operating systems, we can install Web Deploy, FTP…etc. to transfer code from QA to other environments.

  • How do we deploy with containers?

With Docker, your container becomes the unit of deployment. Developers develop inside a container (Visual Studio supports container debugging) and when ready to push to the repo, commit the latest changes to the container image and push up the image file. The CI build server in turn deploys the new container by unloading the old and loading the new one.

  • When will we be able use containers for hosting Sitecore?

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 includes the first round of container support. We should be able to get Sitecore on containers once the technology stabilizes with the next release of the Windows Server platform.

  • Does Windows 10 contain containers?

I’ve heard a rumor that Windows 10 contains the foundation for container support, however, I have not yet investigated that personally.





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