Los Angeles Sitecore User Group Online: Vault, Docker, PowerShell Extensions

Vasiliy Fomichev

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This is the start of the series of online Los Angeles Sitecore User Group (LASUG) meetings on Google Hangouts hosted by Kevin Knudsen and Mark Servais from XCentium, Vasiliy Fomichev and Mike Reynolds. The following is the recording of the hangout with the agenda and presentations used in the video.




  1. Vault  – XCentium (Martin Knudsen and Mark Servais)


    XC will demo their Vault tool – soon to be released in v1.0. The Vault is version control, audit trail and live backup for Sitecore as well as a number of other side features. v1.5 will include deployment features. Join us for a preview of this tool.


    Mark Servais is a Sitecore MVP and Director of R&D with XCentium. He is a long term Sitecore evangelist and Sitecore Architect.

    Martin Knudsen is a Sitecore Veteran for roughly 14 years, Sitecore MVP and Partner at XCentium. Martin oversees the Sitecore practice at XCentium as well as R&D. He is the idea man behind The Vault.


  2. Think Containers: Docker with Sitecore – Vasiliy Fomichev

    Docker is the fastest growing technology! Attendees will be introduced to Docker containers and learn how to setup complex scaled xDB and Solr setups in seconds. Docker is becoming more and more popular – Microsoft has already integrated containers into
    Windows servers, and the release of a Windows OS kernel supporting containers is not far away. Join this session to learn how Docker can help in Sitecore development and system administration.

    Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Professional Developer, Technology MVP, Advocate, Architect, and a .NET enthusiast. Vasiliy’s passion for innovation and development keeps him on the edge of the “latest and greatest” in technology. He is a loyal Sitecore advocate whose passion for the technology grows stronger with each new release. Vasiliy is an explorer.  A continuous learner who logs into Sitecore every day, eagerly gives back to the Sitecore community and shares his experiences and expertise on.


  3. Up Your Development Game Using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions – Mike Reynolds

    Join us as we welcome Sitecore Technology MVP and Sitecore PowerShell Extensions’ Chief Technical Evangelist Michael Reynolds. Michael will give an introduction to the Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module and show how to harness this powerful tool within the Sitecore® Experience Platform™.

    Michael Reynolds, a Sitecore MVP with over eight years of Sitecore architecture and development experience, is an independent consultant with a proven track record of pushing the envelope of the Sitecore platform to deliver best-of-breed solutions for clients. A well-known thought leader in the Sitecore community, Reynolds was recognized as a Sitecore Technology MVP in 2014 and 2015 for his community contributions.



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