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Friday Sitecore Best Practice: Proper Coding Against Datasource Fields in Sitecore Renderings

In this episode we look at how to properly use Sitecore datasource setting on MVC renderings. Instead of doing intricate logic of manual datasource checks and fallbacks, we can simply use one line of code, which an do all that for us!



Vasiliy Fomichev (98 Posts)
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Inspired ASP.NET C# developer and Sitecore enthusiast on a path of never ending learning. Always passionate and curious, driven by innovation, technology, and other random stuff.Certified in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Sitecore 6.5, 7 Customer Engagement Platform, Sitecore Marketing (Digital Management System), CCNA, Network+, MCP, DCSE Linux.

  • Abhay Dhar

    What are the tabs – ” Sync Project with sitecore” and Deployment Manager. Pl tell us what these are

    • Fenil Jacob

      Hi abhay, That is TDS to synch the serialized content between sitecore and file system.


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