Virtual Los Angeles User Group #16 – The SaaS Reality

Vasiliy Fomichev

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News from the SUGCON

We’ll bring the latest and greatest from the SUGCON in Malaga 3/23-24.

Martin Miles & Vasiliy Fomichev


Session 1: The Best DAM Maturity Model

For a successful DAM implementation, organizations should work toward five core competencies and benchmarks of digital maturity. We’ll discuss this along with examples of how a DAM can be leveraged to support different aspects of your digital strategy and how to maximize your ROI with Content Hub DAM.

Tiffany Laster


Session 2: Accelerate website builds with Headless SXA and XM Cloud

We’ll delve into the nuances of implementing headless SXA websites with Next.js and share the insights learnt from implementing SXA for the XM Cloud platform. You’ll learn tips and tricks that can significantly accelerate your development process.

In a live demo, we’ll walk through the creation of a real-life project using SXA and the XM Cloud. We’ll utilize both familiar and new SXA concepts and abstractions, as well as a starter kit, to demonstrate the development process and showcase the speed and efficiency of building headless websites with SXA.

Martin Miles

Virtual Los Angeles User Group #16 - The SaaS Reality
Virtual Los Angeles User Group #16 - The SaaS Reality

In this session we review the latest notable updates from the SUGCON EU 2023, learn how to drive the most value out of Sitecore Content Hub, and what to expect in a migration to XM Cloud.


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