Virtual Los Angeles User Group #14 – XM Cloud

Vasiliy Fomichev

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Intro Session: What to Expect from XM Cloud

We will go over what to expect from XM Cloud initial release, so bring your notepad and questions, the XM Cloud Product Team will join us!

Sitecore Product Team
Vasiliy Fomichev


Session 1: Content Modeling Framework for Sitecore Content Hub

A Content Model gives us a standard way of creating, managing, and publishing modular content. As businesses are looking forward to delivering consistent and fast-to-market customer experiences it is increasingly becoming more important to have a Content Modeling framework in place that works for the organization. In this session we talk about two approaches to create a content model focused on products and on content delivery channels.

Ketan Sethi
Engagement Manager, Icreon
Ketan began his career as a developer eight years ago, post that he graduated from IIM Lucknow with a Masters Degree in Management and then started his journey with Icreon and Sitecore four years back as an Engagement Manager. Over his tenure at Icreon, he has spent significant time leading projects and teams with deep expertise in Sitecore and application integrations. Ketan works closely with Engineering, Quality Analysts, Business Analysts, Designers to ensure highest quality, and deliver outcome driven solutions.


Session 2: Using Sitecore CDP to personalize the employee experience

In this session we would look at how we can utilize Sitecore CDP to identify pre-authenticated users to provide them with a personalized experience from the get go.

Mohamed Cherif
VP of Product Strategy
Mo Cherif is the VP of product strategy for DOZen and a 3x Sitecore MVP who’s been working with Sitecore MVC, SXA and Headless and has recently started working with Sitecore CDP, Send and Sitecore search.

Virtual Los Angeles User Group #14 - XM Cloud
Virtual Los Angeles User Group #14 - XM Cloud

In this LASUG we take a first look at the new SaaS-based Sitecore CMS - XM Cloud with the product team, as well as content architecture with Sitecore Content Hub, and using Sitecore CDP and Personalize for emloyee experience.


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