Virtual Los Angeles User Group #12 – The New Sitecore

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Session 1: Working with OrderCloud and MACH Architecture

We’ll go over the 4 key principles of MACH architecture in relationship to OrderCloud. We’ll talk about building blocks and how different OrderCloud is from other commerce platforms. We’ll also show a work in progress demo of setting up Sitecore’s newest commerce acquisition, OrderCloud and the best learning path to get started.

Sandy Foley
Sandy Foley is a web developer and has over 25 years of professional development experience, working with Sitecore applications since 2010.
For the last 7 years, she has worked with Verndale as a Technical Architect from her home office in Northern Michigan.
Sandy has a blog that aims at breaking ‘Sitecore things’ down to an understandable level, striving to leave no gaping holes. She is a 4-time Sitecore Technologist MVP and enjoys spreading news about all things Sitecore.


Hetal Dave
Hetal is a Sitecore XP and Sitecore Commerce certified engineer with 14+ years of experience in Sitecore CMS and Commerce solutions. She has worked on projects with Sitecore versions starting from 5.3 to 10, with Sitecore integrations to Commerce platforms like Commerce Server, Sitecore Commerce, uCommerce, MediaChase, Insite Commerce etc. She started getting more involved with the Sitecore community and sharing about her Sitecore journey in 2016 through her blog. She loves anything and everything about Sitecore & complex eCommerce challenges. She has been a Sitecore MVP every year since 2017 and UCommerce MVP.

LinkedIn :
Twitter: @hetaljdave

Session 2: What Makes Websites Fast?

In this talk, Thomas Desmond, shows you what makes a website fast. Covering topics like Static Site Generation (SSG), Jamstack, web performance indicators to care about, and where Sitecore products fit in.

Thomas Desmond
Thomas Desmond is a Developer Advocate at Sitecore. His focus has been on the frontend developer community and industry awareness of Sitecore. He lives in San Diego, CA and enjoys hiking and camping in his free time.


Virtual Los Angeles User Group #12 - The New Sitecore

In this user group we start looking at the new Sitecore tools and we begin with OrderCloud (Sitecore Commerce). We dig into the features and development tools for the new Sitecore Commerce, look at how to measure web performance, and how Sitecore tools fit in.


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