Virtual Los Angeles User Group #11 – The Composable Path

Vasiliy Fomichev

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Intro: Sitecore Roadmap and what to expect 

Sitecore has released the roadmap for the new Composable DXP at the 2021 Global Kickoff. In this session, we review the information Sitecore has shared publicly, connect the dots, and speculate about the future acquisitions to come.

Vasiliy Fomichev

Session 1: Sitecore + MS Teams: Accelerating remote collaboration across your digital eco-system

The global shift to remote working poses a wide variety of challenges, from inevitable delays in content deliveries, communication transparency, to traceability, quality, efficiency etc. Sitecore + Teams module connects teams in the new virtual workspace with its rich instant notifications, actions & valuable insights. This session covers its capabilities & best practices in automated communication with Sitecore, who, what, why, how often etc. to keep the balance between noise & useful information.

Subramanian Ramanathan (Subbu)

Session 2: Enhancing the Experience Editor Experience Building a page in Sitecore should be easy.

That sounds simple enough for us who have been working with Sitecore for years, but for a non-technical content author who is seeing it for the first time, it can be intimidating. Sitecore’s Experience Editor helps with this, but it is also limited in its functionality. Completing a page with more complex components often means having to use Experience Editor in conjunction with the Content Editor, creating a disruptive experience that forces authors to often be more technical-minded and understand complex architecture. However, as with all things in Sitecore, the Experience Editor can be extended for an authoring experience that flows smoothly and allows the user to complete their task without switching interfaces.

Amir Setoudeh

Virtual Los Angeles User Group #11 - The Composable Path

In this user group we cover the Sitecore Composable DXP plans from the GKO 2021, the new MS Teams connector, and the best practices around Experience Editor support.


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