The Agile Nirvana of DevSecOps and Containerization

Vasiliy Fomichev

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Sitecore deployments are traditionally relatively expensive due to the technological and architectural limitations. The introduction of a containerized hosting model is a game-changer in the Sitecore DevOps story. It allows DevOps teams to enable delivery security features, and reduce deployment cycles through automation, by activating DevSecOps strategies. This flexibility or cost-efficiency of containerized deployments allows DevOps and engineering teams to focus on and align around business value, rather than being handicapped by the legacy technology and systems.

In this session we will walk the attendees through the benefits of a DevSecOps pipeline to IT, development teams, and their business leadership and show what it takes to migrate to the AKS-hosted infrastructure from an on-premise setup. We will present a reference design for an automated DevSecOps pipeline that focuses on security, quality, and speed. The session will cover the learnings from a major healthcare technology and research company that has gone through this shift and highlight the impact they experienced on the infrastructure, solution architecture, DevOps pipeline, processes and internal resources:

  1. Infrastructure: we will provide a feature overview of Azure vs AWS as it relates to a containerized Sitecore implementation, covering risks, cons, and pros associated with each and the cost estimation process for AKS.
  2. Sitecore Topology: we will cover the steps for changing Sitecore default AKS topology for maximum cost efficiency, and flexibility.
  3. DevOps pipeline: we will cover the automation that is required to move towards DevSecOps with environment creation via Infrastructure as Code, disaster recovery, and zero-downtime fully automated deployments to production.
  4. Processes and team changes: We will present how the new DevSecOps pipeline will affect internal processes and what internal support team changes are required to continue managing the new infrastructure and release pipeline.
The Agile Nirvana of DevSecOps and Containerization
The Agile Nirvana of DevSecOps and Containerization

Learn to design a truly agile Sitecore DevOps pipeline focused on delivering business value and eliminating manual overhead. Remove complexity, harness automation, and activate the right processes to reduce release cycles, increase security and release stability, and do all of that with transparency and traceability in place.


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