Sitecore Los Angeles Virtual User Group: Sitecore Commerce and SPE with SXA and Docker

Vasiliy Fomichev

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We are back to the virtual format, which definitely has some advantages, I this user group we have two sessions from the the most talked about presenters in the Sitecore space – Mike West and Rob Earlam.



Session #1: What’s new in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3

Come along and hear all about the new features and performance increases included in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3. This session will touch on topics such as the Commerce Business Tools, SXA Storefront, Scriban, EXM and much more!

What’s new in XC 9.3


Rob Earlam

Rob is a seasoned Technical Evangelist with 14+ years of experience in software planning, design & implementation. Originally from Manchester, now based in Melbourne, Rob has been involved in a series of highly successful Commerce and CMS projects worldwide. Rob’s uses his passion for technology to enable various developer communities globally.


Session #2: Sitecore + Docker : Improving Developer Workflow for SPE and SXA

In this session Michael walks through some of the benefits adding Docker into the Sitecore Developer workflow and how he used it for SPE and SXA projects.

Sitecore Docker – LASUG – 20200416


Michael West

Michael is a 6 time Sitecore Technology MVP (2015-2020) and received the award in recognition of his active contribution to the Sitecore community including Sitecore Slack Chat and Sitecore Stack Exchange. He is a key contributor to the popular open source module Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) and advocate for the popular Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA).

Michael lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, daughter, and dogs.


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