Sitecore Hackathon 2016: Slack for Sitecore Module

Vasiliy Fomichev

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Sitecore Hackathon 2016 took place on January 29-30, 2016. 48 teams including a total of 132 developers from 15 countries around the world signed up to participate. Teams were given 24 hours to develop one of the following:

  1. New Habitat Feature – Sitecore Habitat is a a project aimed at showcasing the Component-based architectural approach to building Sitecore website. For more information on Sitecore Habitat please read the Sitecore Habitat Wiki on GitHub or view the Sitecore Habitat YouTube series.
  2. 3rd Party System Integration – the task involves developing a module to integrate Sitecore with a 3rd-party system.
  3. Customer Demo Site – developers are asked to build a new showcase website based on Sitecore Habitat.

Our team, Memory Leak, consisting of  James Coleman (@colema), Vlad Lukashevych (@vlukashevych) and me, chose the second option and after a short discussion we all agreed that it would be really cool ton integrate Sitecore with Slack! The Slack for Sitecore module was born (built for Sitecore 8). For 24 hours our team managed to keep passing on the torch and we turned our work in at the very last minute (we were counting seconds!) along with the other 28 submissions.

This idea fired us up and is still keeping us going after the Hackathon was over. We are continuing to work on this cool project and hope you enjoy the module and have as much fun using it, as we had building it!



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