Los Angeles Sitecore User Group Online 2: Insite+ Connector, Sitemap XML, SPE 4.0

Vasiliy Fomichev

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This is the second meetup of the Los Angeles Sitecore User Group on Google Hangouts hosted by Vasiliy FomichevDan Solovay, Kautilya Prasad and Michael West. The following is the recording of the hangout with the agenda and presentations used in the video.

*Note to self: need a new mic.


1. Insite Plus Sitecore Connector


Build on extensible and robust Sitecore Commerce Connect 8.0, the connector allows integration of Insite 4.1 and Sitecore 8.x. Learn how the connector is built on top of Sitecore Commerce Connect 8.0, how it allows the data to flow seamlessly between Sitecore and Insite. See a live demo of an ecommerce site built on Sitecore 8.x, Sitecore Commerce Connect 8.0, Insite Plus Sitecore connector and Insite Commerce 4.1.  Explore the powerful engagement plans offered by Sitecore Commerce Connect 8.0.


• Dan Solovay  – Lead Architect at XCentium, Sitecore MVP

• Kautilya Prasad – Senior Developer at XCentium


2. Ultimate Sitecore Sitemap XML

Several modules on the Sitecore Marketplace tried to address the issue of Sitecore not providing built-in sitemap functionality. These modules approached the issue from different perspectives providing functionality for a certain niche. This presentation will cover the Ultimate Sitecore Sitemap XML module aimed to provide the “one-stop shop” for various requirements in regards to having a sitemap: XML Sitemap, MVC Rendering and flexible multisite configuration.


Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Professional Developer, Technology MVP, Advocate, Architect, and a .NET enthusiast. Vasiliy’s passion for innovation and development keeps him on the edge of the “latest and greatest” in technology. He is a loyal Sitecore advocate whose passion for the technology grows stronger with each new release. Vasiliy is an explorer.  A continuous learner who logs into Sitecore every day and eagerly gives back to the Sitecore community.

3. Advanced Sitecore PowerShell Extensions + What’s New in SPE 4.0

Join us as we welcome Sitecore Technology MVP and Sitecore PowerShell Extensions’ Software Engineer Michael West. Michael will give us a look at some new and exciting features to be released in the SPE 4.0 module.


Michael West has been a .NET Developer since 2006 and has a passion for learning and teaching. He contributes to development communities for Sitecore and Windows PowerShell. Simply put, a technologist. Michael is a Software Engineer, Development Manager, and Problem Solver, responsible for guiding developers on building flexible solutions in Sitecore, and other technologies.


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