LASUG Meetup: Playa Vista 2019

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This is the first in-person meetup of the Los Angeles Sitecore User Group in years! The LASUG took place in a beautiful office of Team One in Silicon Beach. For the first time in a long time the local Sitecore expertise came together to meet the old friends, colleagues, network, learn, brainstorm and simply have a good time!

The following is a video and screen recording of the two sessions presented during the user group.


SolrCloud: Best Practices for Sitecore. Design, Build and DevOps Considerations


SolrCloud- Best practices for Sitecore. Design, build, and DevOps considerations



Configuring Sitecore Experience Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

Sitecore Experience Analytics offers 50+ out-of-the-box reports and the ability to have a developer create custom reports. Vital information to later make informed decisions. Every business is unique, and the platform must be shaped to fit organizations and their customers. Some reports will be populated automatically, but most of them require configuration. There are reports that will require the development team to enable some services. Others require to set up Sitecore for marketing. Until then, the reports will be blank and will show the message: No data to display.

As a Sitecore implementer, it is likely that more than one client has asked you this question: why are my Experience Analytics reports empty? In this presentation, Suset focuses on walking through the steps to configure Experience Analytics reports –

  1. Reports that pull from marketing elements
  2. Reports that require developer intervention

The presentation helps to have a better understanding of what it will cost to set up the necessary components for a marketing-ready Sitecore installation and be more prepared to answer your client’s question.


Sitecore User Group Deck – Configuring Sitecore Analytics The Ultimate Guide


LASUG Meetup: Playa Vista 2019
Team One, 13031 W Jefferson Blvd #800, Los Angeles, CA ,California-90094
Starting on
June 6, 2019
Ending on
June 6, 2019


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