Friday Sitecore Best Practice: FXM and the Legal Aspect of P3P

Vasiliy Fomichev

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In this episode we take a look at the P3P header requirement for the FXM to work properly with Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11. The P3P or Platform for Privacy Preferences is a legally binding agreement between the service provider and a user and can be used to take legal actions against the company using the FXM and violating the policies stated in the P3P header. Watch this video to understand the importance of the P3P header and how to translate it. Also, find out what the default Sitecore P3P value stands for!

Here are the notes from the video:

  • CURa “<current/>” | ; Completion and Support of Activity For Which Data Was Provided (always)
  • ADMa “<admin” [required] “/>” | ; Web Site and System Administration (always)
  • DEVa “<develop” [required] “/>” | ; Research and Development (always)
  • TAIi “<tailoring” [required] “/>” | ; One-time Tailoring (opt-in)
  • PSAi “<pseudo-analysis” [required] “/>” | ; Pseudonymous Analysis (opt-in)
  • PSDi “<pseudo-decision” [required] “/>” | ; Pseudonymous Decision (opt-in)
  • IVAi “<individual-analysis” [required] “/>” | ; Individual Analysis (opt-in)
  • IVDi “<individual-decision” [required] “/>” | ; Individual Decision (opt-in)
  • CONi “<contact” [required] “/>” | ; Contacting Visitors for Marketing of Services or Products (opt-in)
  • HISa “<historical” [required] “/>” | ; Historical Preservation (always)
  • TELi”<telemarketing” [required] “/>” | ; Telephone MarketingOUR – ours (only ourselves and our agents) (opt-in)
  • IND – indefinitely
  • DSP – there are some disputes; should define a despute resolution policy about privacy practicesrem
  • CAO – for <contact-and-other/>The ACCESS element indicates whether the site provides access to various kinds of information.
  • COR – remedies: <correct /> Errors or wrongful actions arising in connection with the privacy policy will be remedied by the service



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