Sitecore Best Practice Series:


Sitecore Presentation & Layout Best Practices


# Practice Rationale
1. Preconfigure default settings for all presentation components Helps increase usability for content editors by eliminating setup steps.
2. Add thumbnails to presentation layer components Thumbnails will appear in Experience Editor component addition panel showing component preview and increasing usability of content authoring tools.
3. Remove unnecessary access in Sitecore client tools Make it as simple as possible for content authors to work with the platform and removing unnecessary noise can help improve Sitecore's usability.
4. Configure presentation layer caching Although performance tuning should start with the first line of code, Sitecore caching can help significantly increase page load speed.
5. Avoid Layout Presets Layout presets may introduce unnecessary layout redundancy and overhead.
6. Sort the presentation layer items in the order of their usage on the page This practice helps with content authoring usability and efficiency.
7. Assign presentation layer renderings in Standard Values of item data definition templates Reduces maintenance cost of item presentation and allows resetting modified item presentation settings to default values.
8. Cut the number of layouts to a minimum Layouts should only define page header and body wrapper HTML, with placeholders for other presentation layer components and grids. In general, outside of exceptions requiring custom presentation, create one layout per device per language - max.