Sitecore Best Practice Series:


Sitecore Presentation & Layout Best Practices


# Description Rationale
1 Create one layout per device Layout should only define the page header and body wrapper HTML, with placeholders for other presentation layer components.
2 Assign presentation layer items in the Standard Values of the item data definition template Reduces maintenance of item presentation and allows resetting modified item presentation settings to default values.
3 Sort the presentation layer items in the order of their usage on the page Increases Content Editor usability.
4 Avoid using Layout Presets Layout presets may introduce unnecessary layout redundancy.
5 Configure caching Increases page load time.
6 Remove unnecessary buttons in the Sitecore Client tools Increases usability and decreases security risks of Sitecore tools.
7 Add thumbnails to presentation layer components. Thumbnails will appear in Page Editor component addition panel increasing usability for Content Editors.
8 Preconfigure default settings for all presentation components. Increasing usability for Content Editors by eliminating setup steps.
9 Avoid using XSLT for subalyouts. XSLT components can very rarely be made reusable, they lack flexibility, and introduce unnecessary maintenance complexity.


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