Sitecore Best Practice Series:


Sitecore Caching Best Practices


1. Avoid treating Sitecore caches as a “catch all” for performance optimizationHeavy reliance on caching for performance optimization can make websites “top heavy” and cause significant degradation in performance with every content publish.
2. Use Sitecore caching facilities to store cache that depends on contentIf additional cache depends on content, it’s best to align it with Sitecore HTML cache and clear it when content gets published.
3. Use cache Sitecore tools to tune cache amountsProper Sitecore cache configuration is vital to Sitecore website and client tool performance. Remember that cache needs to be tuned in CM and CD environments.
4. Consider the total RAM available when increasing Sitecore cache sizesThe combined size of caches in configuration cannot exceed the amount of available system memory.

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