Sitecore XP Best Practice Series:


Sitecore Caching Best Practices


# Description Rationale
1 Combined size of caches in configuration cannot exceed the amount of available system memory Exceeding available system memory may result in “Out of Memory” .NET exceptions.
2 Use Cache Sitecore tools to tune cache amounts Proper Sitecore cache configuration is vital to the website’s performance.
3 Use publish:begin or publish:end events to clear custom caches Utilize Sitecore caching as much as possible to avoid redundancy and unnecessary usage of additional resources, however, if custom ASP.NET caching is used, unlike Sitecore cache, it is not cleared automatically with a publish, therefore, a custom “cache clearer” should be triggered before or after the publish.
4 Use Sitecore caching facilities to store cache that depends on content. If cache depends on content, it’s best to clear it when content gets updated.
5 Caching is not a “catch all” fr performance optimization. Heavy reliance on caching for performance optimization can make websites “top heavy” and cause significant degradation in performance with each content publish.


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