Sitecore Audit

Outside of normal maintenance Sitecore implementations need complete audits performed every two to three years due to changes in the environment, website, growth of content and marketing maturity. As Sitecore instances grow they can become slower, unstable and harder to maintain due to either poor implementation, poor maintenance, or simply outgrowing the previous configuration. This Sitecore audit focuses on reviewing all layers of a Sitecore environment: from process, to implementation review, to future proofing.

This audit was put together from the review that Sitecore performs, years of experience of developing and maintaining Sitecore solutions, as well client-specific requirements and business rules. The scope of the audit includes, but is not limited to, the following items:


  • Infrastructure
    • Sizing
    • Server Health
    • Resource Utilization
    • Log file audit
    • .NET profiling (optional, if issues found)
  • Sitecore Instance configuration
    • Cache Sizes
  • Integrations
    • Architecture
    • Code
    • Modules
    • DevOps
    • Local Setup Steps
    • Code and Content Deployment Process
  • Performance Audit
    • Load Test
    • Stress Test
    • Page Load Speed Test
    • Critical page tracing
    • .NET profiling (optional, if issues found)
    • SQL Profiling (optional, if issues found)
  • xDB
    • Reporting
    • Migration preparation
  • GDPR
    • Basic compliance presence evaluation
  • Accessibility
    • Accessibility report
  • Search Engine
    • Engine Configuration
    • Search Usage
    • Sitecore Search configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Review
    • Existing Plan review
  • Upgrade Readiness Assessment
    • Readiness review of code and content
    • Upgrade Approach & Plan


Audit Estimated Timeline: 2 – 3 weeks


  • Audit Report (50+ pages)
  • Raw audit material (logs, measurements, diagrams…etc.)
  • Presentation (onsite or remote)


Every audit I perform is customized to your particular needs. Let’s start with a quick 30-minute meeting – fill in your contact information and will be in touch within the next 24 hours.