Project Overview

The project aims to create a cross-platform auto-personalization solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the development and maturity of AI Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) started adding various types of ML functionality into their platforms. One common application is personalization; however, these applications have two major drawbacks:

  1. The service and personalization is done based on general data
  2. The AI application is limited to narrow use cases for safety (for instance, auto-tagging and user segmentation)

The frontend-based approaches, like Google Optimize, are not ideal as they cannot be applied to content syndication used by the “headless” pattern.

Target Platforms

Sitecore, AEM, Drupal

Target Industries

Automotive, Healthcare, Finance

Progress Updates

We are currently in early stages of the project. To remain up-to-date, please sign up below (we promise, you’ll only get updates related to this project).