Sitecore Modules

Sitecore ADFS Authenticator

The ADFS Authenticator package was based on the Fed Authenticator package and created to work specifically with Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS). The package uses .NET 4.5 System.IdentityModel namespace and includes the following functionality on top of the original authenticator

  1. ADFS Logout functionality added
  2. ADFS users can be logged in as administrators



Sitecore SignalR Tools

Sitecore provides a set of very useful tools in \Website\sitecore\admin folder. This project upgrades a set of these tools by providing live updates using SignalR technology and a more friendly modern user interface.

The following tools are included in the package:

All SignalR tools provide live updates every second eliminating the need for clicking the refresh button to see updates. The SignalR tools, just like their original implementations, require administrator-level access.



Ultimate Sitemap XML

The module builds on top of the Sitemap XML module with fixed bugs, updated and extended functionality. The new module is more flexible and exposes many settings via content vs configuration, allowing content editors more control over generating pages.

The module includes the following new features:

Original Sitemap XML features retained:



Slack for Sitecore

Slack for Sitecore module allows posting a large variety of Sitecore events and notifications to various channels in Slack.